Project Management Capacity

In delivering our services, we adopt modern project management tools for controlling time, resources and human inputs in each technical assistance project. At ARCED, we have developed a set of standard forms, which are mandatory to be used by the project managers and the project staff. The whole set-up of ARCED is structured in such a way that the concept of project management is in-built in the system. Our project management skills have been further sharpened to an international standard, through working with the international agencies like University of Guelph, BRAC, and GRM International.

Human Resource Development and Management

The human resources development and management of the organization is governed by its HR and Administrative policies and procedures. The organization is following a defined method of procuring and engaging the permanent staff, with proper advertisement and transparency ensured by creating separate recruitment committees at different levels. ARCED maintains a dedicated desk for advertising the positions, screening and taking interviews of the potential candidates. ARCED maintains a flexible organizational structure, which is not purely hierarchical; rather there is a scope of cross reporting to match the need of the client and the particular project, on a case-by-case basis. ARCED maintains a pool of staff and experts from different sectors. It operates by engaging local and expatriate researchers and consultants. Both the payroll staff and retainers are renowned professionals in their respective area of specialization.

State-of-the-art Logistic Support

ARCED office is located in Pallabi. We have the following facilities in our office:

-A network of computers with more than 15 work stations, with option of data storing and processing from different work stations

_24 hour on-line broad-band internet

_A big conference room capable of accommodating 20 persons equipped with audio-visual and electronic board

_Space and facility for mini-conferences for working in a close environment.

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