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Research Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities

Research Assistant will be expected to ensure project deliverables and provide tools developments and data management support. Specific job description includes:

  • Provide required support to the project management team and technical team to deliver consulting and research projects.
  • Prepare research proposals and presentation content for clients/partners/PIs (Principal Investigators)
  • Manage and respond to project related email
  • Support project with content development, translation and related documentation.
  • Assist team in data cleaning and literature review.
  • Assist in report writing and client/PIs (Principal Investigators) communication
  • Monitor field activities and prepare daily reports.
  • Qualifications
  • Minimum graduation in Economics is preferred; Business, social science and other relevant graduates can also apply.
  • Interested to learn about data management software; i.e., Stata, SurveyCTO, etc.
  • Knowledge of Excel/Python will be given priority.
  • Great communications skill, both in English and Bangla
  • Advanced writing and presentation slide preparation abilities, as well as attention to detail, are necessary.
  • Ability to multi-task and work cooperatively with others
  • Capability to work under pressure.
  • Location
    Dhaka (Project based field visit)

    Interested candidates are requested to fill up the application form properly. Please send your resume [not more than three pages], a cover letter, clearly explaining your interest in and qualifications for the position, along with the best work of yours Report, do file,SurveyCTO/ODK XLSForm or any other work sample).

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessment.