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Zakia Anzum Hridi

Research Assistant

Zakia Anzum Hridi works as a research assistant at the ARCED Foundation. She is used to producing research proposals and hence the study visualising her power deserves a compliment. She worked on eight different research projects and wrote several technical proposals for different projects along with financial proposals. She has great multi-tasking capability as a result she is able to handle multiple tasks at a time by setting priority. She has worked on different projects of The World Bank, GAIN Bangladesh, Bangladesh Youth Enterprise Advice & Helpcentre (B’Yeah), BDRCS, MTaPS, and other projects. She was working at Rohto-Mentholatum, (Bangladesh) Limited, a Japanese multinational firm, as a marketing intern before joining ARCED Foundation. She was involved directly in internal market and product research projects during her internship. She graduated from North South University with a dual major in Finance and Marketing. At present, she is also pursuing her MBA from the University of Dhaka. She constantly educates herself by learning new skills and procedures that have improved both quantitative and qualitative aspects of her analytical capacity. Three keywords which define herself are meticulous, observer, and problem solver. Her key tools are the gathering of knowledge virtualisation and articulation. Her technical experience includes digital data collection instruments based on SurveyCTO as well as data management and analysis using Stata and Excel.