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ARCED Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to provide quality tools and services on research, training, and monitoring and result management support.

The vision of ARCED Foundation is to be a center of excellence for providing comprehensive consulting and research services at home and abroad as well as collaborating to create and disseminate knowledge.

ARCED Foundation also aims to promote knowledge in the field of development, business, and other related areas through training, open resources, certificate courses, workshops, and seminars.

Since 2013, ARCED has been utilizing its state-of-the-art tools and approaches in collecting and applying better data, consecutively impacting better decision making.

ARCED’s expertise envelopes both quantitative and qualitative researches including real-time data collection, ranging from – but not limited to – scoping and baseline studies to interim assessment and evaluation or even rapid appraisals on socio-economic phenomena such as in agri-business domains, value chain assessment, Gender-Based Violence, health and nutrition, and such.

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