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Ashraf Uddin Mian

Senior Research Associate

Ashraf Uddin Mian is a Senior Research Associate at the ARCED Foundation. He has a strong track record in large-scale development research projects, including Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) and other impact evaluation projects. Ashraf has worked with various national and international partners, including a2i, BRAC, bKash, TIB, IUCN, World Bank, and UNDP. He has also collaborated with top academicians from institutions such as Yale University, the World Bank, Stanford University, University of Maryland and, the National University of Singapore. In his professional career, Ashraf has taken on roles that involve project management, budget preparation, expense analysis, big data cleaning and mapping, statistical analysis and questionnaire design. He is proficient in using Stata and SurveyCTO/ODK for questionnaire design and data management, and is skilled in data cleaning, analysis, and report preparation. Ashraf has worked on a range of research projects, including those related to poverty, development programs, and social impact. He has also served as an executive academic officer in a Malaysian University.