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Fahmidur Rahman

Junior Research Associate

Fahmidur Rahman is currently working as a Junior Research Associate at ARCED Foundation. While working in ARCED Foundation, he was involved with multiple remote survey projects directly. Before joining ARCED, he worked as an Associate Consultant, Inspira Advisory & Consulting Limited for 2 years. He was able to serve different renowned development verticals, corporate houses, and government agencies as part of the consulting/research team that includes USAID, World Bank, GoB, Yale University etc. He constantly trains himself to acquire new skills and techniques which have enhanced his analytical capacity in both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Innovation, analysis, and problem-solving are the three keywords that explain himself. Insight gathering, learning, visualization, and articulation are his prime instruments. His technical expertise includes ODK and SurveyCTO based digital data collection tools and data management and analysis using Stata and Excel. He is currently working as Research Analyst for a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) for World Bank that is testing remote engagement method for the secondary students to increase distance learning engagements.