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Jonathan Peal Paris

Procurement & Logistics officer

Jonathan Peal Paris is currently working as a Procurement & Logistics Officer at ARCED Foundation. As a part of his role, He is responsible for the Procurement process of supply chain management, sourcing raw materials, meeting purchasing goals and Logistics distribution for ongoing and upcoming projects and organization, Monitoring stock levels, and overseeing the movement of incoming and outgoing goods. He is detail–focused and uses computers to manage the inventory databases under his control, AAssessproducts, services, and suppliers, negotiate contracts, Ensure that approved purchases are of sufficient quality and are cost-efficient, Maintaining Supplier relations Understand business goals and objectives, Procurement Policy management for Sustainability & Ethics, and Admin and HR assistance for the Admin and HR department of the organization. Before joining ARCED Foundation, he worked for 5 years in numerous organizations named SSD-Tech, BRAC Bank, and Arena Phone BD Ltd.