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Manika Saha

Research Fellow

Manika is a public health development practitioner and human-centric design-for development researcher. Currently, Manika is working as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership (CHL), Deakin University, Australia. She is also finishing her PhD at the Faculty of IT, Monash University, Australia, where her focus is on human-centred design approaches to incorporate disadvantaged community voices in project commissioning for international development. Her research focus is on the intersection of public health nutrition, global health, digital health, gender and women empowerment, international and humanitarian development, ICTD and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) for development and inclusive governance in low-and-middle-income countries. She has been working in Bangladesh, and she is using that experience to research ways to increase communication between locals and governments. She worked as a National Nutrition Specialist for the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization in Bangladesh before deciding to pursue a doctorate degree. She was a Nutrition Research Associate with the WorldFish Bangladesh (CGIAR organisation) before working for UNFAO. She graduated with a master’s degree in Global