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Nazmul Hasan

Trainee Data Analyst

Nazmul Hasan works as a data analyst as a component of the SoT team. He consummated his BSc degree from Daffodil International University in CSE. As a programmer, he is fluent in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MVC, Dotnet, Dotnet core, JS(ES6), and MySQL. He brings years of experience, having worked as a web developer in three different companies prior to joining ARCED Substructure. He is withal equipollently proficient in statistical software like Stata and powerBI. He joined ARCED due to his ardency for research fields. He wanted to learn the know-how of rigorous research work in its entirety. Since joining, he has been part of two projects where he was responsible for technical support, designing the surveyCTO form, and withal analyzing the accumulated data. He hopes to work with exhilarating incipient technology and solve bigger problems in the future.