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Rupok Chowdhury

Research Assistant

Rupok Chowdhury works as a research assistant at the ARCED Foundation. He is skilled in composing several research articles on public health, health economics, and environmental economics. He has co-authored articles published in Q-1 journals such as PLOS One and MDPI-Obesities. In addition, he serves as a peer reviewer for numerous journals indexed by Scopus. During his MSc in Applied Economics at Brac University, he has conducted many research proposals and empirical project works focused on labor migration, economic growth, child health, and time series with real life data. Rupok has extensive coursework in econometrics and incorporated a quasi-experimental study in his master's thesis. Prior to joining the ARCED Foundation, he played a modest part in research collaboration at Brac University and served as the IT secretary for the Khulna University Economics Society, at Khulna University during his undergraduate studies. Currently, he is working on a project financed jointly by the University of California, San Diego and the University of Colorado, Denver, USA. His desire for a better and challenging career prospect, encourages him to pursue advanced degrees in public health and environmental economics in future, and he is continuously acquiring new quantitative and qualitative analytical abilities and methods, with the existing knowledge in STATA and R Programming for data analysis and forecasting.