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Sayed Jobaer Hasan

Research Associate

As an economics major & public health minor, and in a current pursuit of Masters in Data Science & Analytics, Sayed Jobaer Hasan has developed a strong analytical skill set and a deep understanding of complex data. He is passionate about leveraging data to drive strategic decision-making and solve complex problems. Currently, he serves as a Research Associate, leveraging his expertise and technical skills to drive impactful research initiatives. Throughout her academic and professional career, he has actively engaged in research projects related to health economics and health policy. In addition to her research expertise, he possesses technical skills that enhance his ability to conduct robust analyses. He is proficient in statistical software such as Stata, enabling him to efficiently analyze large datasets and perform sophisticated econometric modeling. His proficiency in SurveyCTO and Excel allows him to develop and administer surveys, manage data collection, and conduct rigorous data cleaning and analysis. Furthermore, his knowledge of Python expands her analytical toolkit, facilitating automation and data visualization. Moreover, he is skilled in survey design and questionnaire development, employing best practices to ensure the collection of high-quality data. His attention to detail and understanding of survey methodologies contribute to the reliability and validity of research findings.